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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Getting A Marital Separation Agreement In Maryland Signed

Trying to repair disturbed marriages is not just possible through being together and trying to mend things, but sometimes the secret lies in living separately. Being away doesn’t mean you are getting divorced; it is just about giving each other … Continue reading

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Judge amends order that foster child be removed from married lesbian couple

In a Tuesday ruling that apparently took the state Division of Child and Family Services by surprise, a Utah judge said a baby must be removed from a licensed foster home because the married couple in the home are not … Continue reading

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Three Tips For Collecting Overdue Child Support

The aftermath of divorce can be difficult for anyone to navigate, and one of the most frustrating issues is when your spouse refuses to pay court-ordered child support. Failing to receive child support can seriously affect your ability to care … Continue reading

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The Happily Married Spouse’s Guide to Divorce: Ten Tips for the Blissful but Prudent

The cocktail party truism that half of all marriages end in divorce is probably a myth. The actual divorce rate is both difficult to calculate and in all likelihood lower… more

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Steps To Prepare For A Child Custody Battle

If you and your spouse are unable to come together an amicable agreement as far as custody of any children, then you could be facing a legal battle. Child custody in Palm Springs can be difficult, but a professional divorce … Continue reading

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Steps To Take When You And Your Spouse Decide To Divorce

By taking the right steps, you will be in a much better position to get through a separation intact. The decision to separate from your spouse is difficult, but ultimately, it is for the best if it is just not … Continue reading

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Brothers Getting Along

Who says siblings always have to have a rivalry? These two boys are getting along just fine when they are enjoying one another’s company.

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