What to Do When You Need To Modify Your Child Agreement

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Part of the divorce process involves determining custody of any children. At first, you and your former spouse may reach an agreement that works, but over time you realize you want a change. There are various steps you can take in order to alter a previous child agreement.

Demonstrate a Significant Change Has Occurred

You will likely be unable to make a change just because you feel like it. You will need to show that something has changed that warrants an alteration in the previously agreed upon child custody agreement. Some of those changes can include:

• One of the parents is moving a considerable distance away.

• One of the parents has received a large increase or decrease in income.

• A parent or child has become seriously ill or injured and needs more financial care.

There are various other circumstances that can occur, and a judge will decide whether it necessitates a modification.

Get a Court Order Agreement

Even if you and your former partner agree to these new terms yourself, they will not be enforceable unless you acquire a court order. This involves hiring an attorney and getting a judge to hear your case.

Ultimately, everyone just wants what is best for the children. Visit this website to get more information related to child support modifications in Palm Springs.

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Every Step of the Way

Children thrive when they spend time with their fathers. A father’s guidance and support fosters healthy emotional development and self-confidence.

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Judge backpedals on controversial order removing foster child from married same-sex couple

A Utah judge has amended a controversial ruling issued earlier this week. It originally required the state to remove a foster child from the home of a same-sex married couple by Nov. 17 because they are not heterosexual….read more

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Get Child Support During Divorce

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You’ve made one of the hardest decisions of your life and filed for divorce. Now comes the stressful time of working out the legalities. Life after separation, including finances, will not be the same. If there are children involved, you may be able obtain child support payments even before all the details are finalized.

Your Kids Come First

Ideally, in spite of your irreconcilable differences, both parents will still work together on behalf of the children. It is important for them to feel secure during the turmoil of divorce. As parents, negotiate a reasonable amount of money for a support payment, even if the judge hasn’t yet ordered one.

Good Faith Gesture

For the custodial parent, the money will help keep life as normal as possible for the kids. If the non-custodial parent balks, point out that such voluntary agreements look good to the judge. Child support payments aren’t about grudges and power plays; they are about providing for the needs of the children.

Never use your children for leverage during the divorce. Of course, if your ex-to-be is willing to be reasonable about support, you will be more amenable to compromise over other contested areas in the divorce.

Explore your legal options by visiting this website to find a child support lawyer in Palm Springs.

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End of the Road

Not everything will work out in life, including marriages. If you feel that the spark is no longer there with your spouse, there are some other signs that you can look for to see if your marriage might be over.

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Making It Work

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When you are going through a divorce, and you have to deal with custody of your children, there are many complications that you might face. To see the best possible outcome from this difficult time, there are several things that you can do to make it work.

Hire a Professional

A family lawyer can be a lifesaver while going through a divorce. Having an objective professional involved in your divorce can help you make the right decisions for you and your children. Your lawyer will help you to see the bigger picture, and guide you through each complicated choice you must make. Find a lawyer that you trust and you will find the entire process is a lot simpler.

Be Respectful

Children are impressionable, especially when they are young. While it may seem natural to have emotional reactions to your spouse during a divorce, it is best for everyone if you keep a calm and respectful attitude. Take the high road, and teach your children the importance of a rational mind.

Going through a divorce can be messy, but there are plenty of ways to keep it cordial. Having the right advice can help you to achieve all that you wish from this difficult time. Visit this website to learn more about hiring a family attorney for child custody in Monterey.

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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Not Able to Be Repaired

You and your spouse have been struggling for some time. You want to hang in there, but it seems as if nothing is going right. You ask yourself if your relationship is really over, is it irreparable, and if you’re sensing it is, it probably is. If you want proof beyond your hunches, consider these five signs.


If your relationship has become abusive, it is likely over. Abuse goes beyond physical harm, and if you and your spouse are constantly fighting and belittling each other, you might be beyond repair. Words hurt as much as hitting, and constant criticism, mocking and mental, emotional and of course physical abuse are all signs you need to move on.


Addiction is another mountain that might be too hard to climb. If you or your spouse is addicted to substances, spending money, gambling or pornography and/or sex, you might need to consider dissolving the relationship. Yes, your partner can get help, but if he or she is not serious about being well, the addiction is not going to go away.


One sure sign that your relationship is beyond repair is if one of you has emotionally checked out. What this means is there is no interest anymore in the partner, including being engaged in conversation, doing things together and sharing things with him or her. Do you eat in complete silence? Do you not really care how your partner’s day went? These are surefire signs you’re not engaged anymore.


Emotionally checking out also includes physically checking out and if your love life isn’t what it used to be, you might need to reconsider with whom you’re involved. Romance plays an important role in any relationship, and if you find that your sex life is non-existent, there’s a problem. This includes if you are no longer interested in having sex with your partner.


One reason your sex life might be on the fritz is because your partner is being unfaithful, and that is a surefire sign your relationship is not a healthy one. There’s no excuse for infidelity, and if you or your partner is unfaithful, and has been multiple times, don’t stay together. Clearly, you don’t really want to be with each other.


It’s hard to end a relationship, even an unhappy one. If you are unhappy, however, and you are seeing these five signs in your love life, seek out the advice of a divorce lawyer in San Diego to help you determine if everything really is beyond repair.

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